It’s hard to believe that soon dementia will affect more than one million people in the UK.

My family knows all too well that this condition doesn’t just affect an individual but everyone around them. My grandad’s Alzheimer's had a devastating impact on my nan, Marg, who died at a stage when her husband of nearly 60 years was struggling to remember who she was. You take the good with the bad and hold on to the good as much as possible but in the end, it’s hard and it’s heartbreaking.

There are so many myths that still go around about dementia and the Dementia Revolution is a great opportunity for us to set these straight.

Many people confuse Alzheimer’s and dementia, disregard dementia as a normal part of ageing or brush the condition aside as something we’re powerless to change. These myths are holding back research efforts so I’m asking people to help us spread the word about dementia.

Last year I got married and this year we opened our first pub so it’s going to be tough to squeeze in training but it’s a cause so close to my heart that I will always make time. When the going gets tough, I’ll just think of Nan and Grandad and how much they influenced my life.

If I can do anything to change the lives of other people’s parents and grandparents in future, how could I not do it?