Raj and Immy’s Story

Raj and Immy running along a canal on a sunny day
Raj and Immy take to the streets!


Raj: Growing up we were quite competitive - Immy is a few years older than me so she was better at sports and running than I was! Now we definitely are competitive - comparing PBs.

Immy: Our Grandad had dementia for about 15 years. We felt quite helpless in many ways. It was sad to see a big friendly giant with a glittering personality slowly fade away. And we saw the knock on effect of it on my Nan - who couldn’t always understand lots of the things that were happening were because of the dementia.

Raj: It opened our eyes to what the reality of dementia can be. The last few years were really hard. He was in hospital for quite a few weeks and we were basically at the hospital 24/7. It was then I would try to grab 15 minutes to go out for a run and clear my head to take my mind of things.

A group of people dancing at a family celebration
Raj and Immy's Grandad


Raj: There is a huge gap in my life without my Grandfather. After he passed away we wanted to do something - both Immy and I decided to sign up to a run and raise money. It definitely snowballed from there - entering races nearly every week!

Immy: Running really is a legacy to our Grandad. It’s a great way to spend time with each other when we both have busy lives - even if it’s just an hour. My Grandparents were responsible for keeping our big bustling family together so it’s quite poignant it’s the way we both stay connected. It keeps us laughing and smiling and healthy.

To anyone thinking of running the marathon for the Dementia Revolution - just do it. It is such an important cause and so many of us are affected by it. Running a marathon is a lot of hard work but you’re part of a like-minded and friendly community.

Raj: We want to raise awareness of dementia – and that it could affect anyone. We should try to do what we can to help research when we can and whilst we are fit. The feeling of the finish line can be such an emotional one when you’re running for the same thing and you know everyone is counting on you!

Immy: One day in the future it won’t affect anyone – research has done it with other conditions so why not dementia?


Do you have a reason to run?


Stand against dementia and sign up to run the 2019 Virgin Money London Marathon for the Dementia Revolution.

A lady wearing a Dementia Revolution t-shirt