I’m so excited to be running the Virgin Money London Marathon for the Dementia Revolution, but also very nervous. I’m not a natural runner by any stretch of the imagination, so it’s going to be huge challenge for me. If I cross the finish line in under five hours, I’ll be happy, but my aim is just to finish and support this vitally important cause.

I was little when my great-grandad, Ted, passed away with Alzheimer’s disease. My memories of him are vague, but it really affected my dad, as he spent a lot of time with his grandad, who was always very fit and healthy. My dad told me that great-grandad deteriorated very quickly and eventually didn’t recognise anyone in the family.

I was lucky as my last memories of him were while he was still well. My dad said he would always seem scared and it was heart-breaking for him. He also told me that, towards the end, it was like watching someone you love slowly dying in front of your eyes and not being able to do something to help. But as a family, it really helped talking to each other and remembering the good times.

My family are so incredibly proud of me for running the marathon and for running in memory of great-grandad. Knowing the money that we raise will go towards dementia research, gives that little bit more hope to everyone who has been affected by this terrible condition. Many of my followers will have their own experiences of dementia, so I’ll be running for them, too. There needs to be more research to help stop this dreadful condition, and we need as many people as possible to get behind it.